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Nail polish remover gel

: 90.00 ГРН

The wholesale price for beauty salons, manicure and web stores




A new innovative tool for rapid MELT TOLLO (5 minutes) and effective removal of nail gel, bio-gel. It does not damage the nail plate. Contains moisturizing and healing ingredients to the nail plate and skin.

Mode of application:

1. Clean the nail plate and moisten it with water.

2. Apply a wash on a cotton ball and then apply it to the nail plate and tightly wrapped with foil.

3. After 5 minutes, remove the varnish dry orange stick, nail edge for hooking.


The basis for the nail plate is protein - creatine. It is also in skin and hair. Why solid nails? Nails solid, as the protein is composed of a large concentration of cysteine.

Cysteine ​​- an amino acid, which has a lot of sulfur, which makes the nails solid.

Between the layers of creatine is water and fat. The layer of fat and water shine, elasticity and thickness of the nail.

The nail plate is composed of the following minerals: sulfur, calcium, chromium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc.

So that leads to breakage and exfoliation nail?

lack of cysteine ​​in the body.
lack of one or more minerals in the body.
removing the water and fat layers in creatine