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For medical instrument

: 32.40 ГРН

Composition: 0.5% 1,6-bis (5- (p-chlorophenyl) biguanidoino) hexane digluconate; 60-65% isopropyl alcohol.

The tool is rapidly bactericidal (including the causative agents of tuberculosis, diphtheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough, meningitis, diphtheria, typhoid, paratyphoid and other salmonella; HAI pathogens, including MRSA enterogemorargichnu E. coli, causative agents of plague, cholera), virucidal (including pathogens SARS, influenza and parainfluenza, adenoviruses, pathogens SARS virus, enteral and parenteral hepatitis A, B and C, HIV, rotavirus, enterovirus), fungicide (relative fungi of Candida and dermatophyte pathogenic) and sporicidal action. Active agents also regarding sexually transmitted diseases - treponemes, gonococci, trichomonas. Through its stability after treatment of the skin of hands, the operating field, while remaining in a certain amount, continues to show a bactericidal effect. Saves activity in the presence of blood, pus, although somewhat reduced. Through intact skin does not penetrate.
Ready-to-use, it is used for the purpose of disinfection in the native form (without dilution with water) .ne require rinsing after use. Appointment of agents: disinfection of medical devices, including dental instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes. Cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces of premises, supplies and equipment, skin disinfection in health care, including health care facilities of various profiles, blood transfusion stations, pharmacies, outbreaks of infectious diseases, the pharmaceutical, microbiological, cosmetic and food processing industry , commerce, communications, public utilities, transportation, and the Interior Ministry of Defense facilities, educational, teaching and educational institutions of all types, regardless of their subordination, ownership and accreditation; institutions of restaurant facilities; social protection; in the penitentiary system; in emergency situations, places of temporary residence and mass stay of people; more in accordance with the methodological guidelines, namely:

- For disinfection of worn rubber gloves on the hands of personnel (of materials resistant to chemicals)
- For the disinfection of medical devices (including surgical and dental instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments for endoscopes) in medical institutions of various profiles;
- As a prophylactic agent in the form of irrigation applications and to the skin surface;
- To disinfect hard, and small areas of surfaces in rooms; floor coverings; hard furniture, mattresses, headrests, etc..; heating radiators and others.; lighting fixtures, blinds, etc.; external surfaces of medical devices and equipment; equipment and sanitary transport surfaces after transport of infectious patient; tables (including operating, handling, comfort station, maternity), gynecological and dental chairs, beds, mattresses and other resuscitation.; telephone sets, monitors (other than the LCD monitor), a computer keyboard and other office equipment;
- As a prophylactic population at home.
Incompatible with drugs based on iodine.

Methods of disinfection means:

Disinfection of medical devices: carried out by means of immersion in after pre-treatment.
Disinfection small in size and hard surfaces in rooms, fitments, the external surfaces of vehicles, appliances, equipment carried method of wiping with a cloth soaked in 0.1% aqueous alcohol solution means bacterial infections, excluding tuberculosis, fungal) or to 0, 5% of the funds (for bacterial infections, including tuberculosis, fungal) at the rate of the rate of 100 ml / m² surface. Processing is carried out once. Rinsing the surfaces with the working solution after disinfection is not required. When a viral infection surface treatment is carried out 0.5% of the funds twice with an interval of 15 minutes between the time of exposure of disinfection. The maximum allowed for the processing area should be no more than 1/10 of the total area of ​​the room. Water-alcoholic solutions of funds is not recommended for the treatment of surfaces coated with lacquer, low-grade paints with acrylic glass and other materials, volatile alcohol. Before applying are encouraged to check the effect of the agent on a small inconspicuous area of ​​the surface.
Application in hairdressing, beauty salons and clinics.
The treatment cosmetology, manicure, pedicure, hairdressing tools and work surfaces after pre-treatment is carried out clean sponge dipped means or by soaking.