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For sports equipment

: 35.50 ГРН

Composition: 0.5% 1,6-bis (5- (p-chlorophenyl) biguanidoino) hexane digluconate; 60-65% isopropyl alcohol.

The tool is rapidly bactericidal (including the causative agents of tuberculosis, diphtheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough, meningitis, diphtheria, typhoid, paratyphoid and other salmonella; HAI pathogens, including MRSA enterogemorargichnu E coli, causative agents of plague, cholera), virucidal (including pathogens SARS, influenza and parainfluenza, adenoviruses, pathogens SARS virus, enteral and parenteral hepatitis A, B and C, HIV, rotavirus, enterovirus), fungicide (relative fungi of Candida and dermatophyte pathogenic) and sporicidal action.

Active agents also regarding sexually transmitted diseases - treponemes, gonococci, trichomonas. Through its stability after treatment of the skin of hands, the operating field, while remaining in a certain amount, continues to show a bactericidal effect. Saves activity in the presence of blood, pus, although somewhat reduced. Through intact skin does not penetrate.

Ready-to-use, it is used for the purpose of disinfection in the native form (without dilution with water).

It does not require rinsing after use.

Appointment of agents: disinfection of sports equipment and small areas, hard surfaces in mass stay of people's institutions.

Methods for disinfection of individual objects means:
Disinfection of sports equipment (trainers, treadmills, exercise equipment, dumbbells, mats, etc.) is carried out by wiping with a sponge dipped to full hydration.
Disinfection small in size and hard surfaces in rooms, equipment, furniture items, the external surfaces of vehicles, appliances, equipment carried method of wiping with a cloth soaked in 0.1% aqueous alcohol solution means bacterial infections, excluding tuberculosis, fungal) or 0.5% of the funds (for bacterial infections, including tuberculosis, fungal) at the rate of the rate of 100 ml / m² surface. Processing is carried out once. Flushing working solution from the surfaces after disinfection is not required. When a viral infection surface treatment is carried out 0.5% of the funds twice with an interval of 15 minutes between the time of exposure of disinfection. The maximum allowed for the processing area should be no more than 1/10 of the total area of ​​the room.
Water-alcoholic solutions of funds is not recommended for the treatment of surfaces coated with lacquer, low-grade paints with acrylic glass and other materials, volatile alcohol. Before applying are encouraged to check the effect of the agent on a small inconspicuous area of ​​the surface.