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Means for water in swimming pools TOLLO AQUAPOOL

: 178.00 ГРН



Means for disinfection pools TOLLO AQUAPOOL- is a drug based on the active oxygen enriched with silver ions intended for water disinfection of swimming pools of any type. The double exposure to water and active oxygen in such an antiseptic as silver ions, you get pure water for a long time: after exposure to water of active oxygen (which is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen), water continues to disinfect the silver ions.

Steps: the necessary amount of money to pour directly into the pool, observing precautions.

Recommended dosage means:

current disinfection: 0.5L TOLLO AQUAPOOL per 1m3 of water for the night as pollution
"Shock" disinfection: 1L TOLLO AQUAPOOL per 1m3 of water after treatment is necessary technical break in the pool for at least 12 hours.

Note: If you frequently use the pool, increased turbidity and high ambient temperatures the dosage of agents to be increased.

Storage: equipment must be stored in a dry place, protected from sunlight, in closed manufacturer's packaging at a temperature not higher than 300C.

Safety measures:

The tool is a strong oxidant. When working with a tool you need to use gloves and avoid contact with skin (spray, including the pouring TOLLO AQUAPOOL in bassseyn etc). Pour gently into the pool without splashing.

Avoid contact means with iron, chromium, lead, silver, manganese, and salts thereof.

Do not mix the product with other chemicals.

Tool reach of children.

Shelf life:

Useful for 8 months from the date of manufacture.


Stabilised hydrogen peroxide solution 35%

Silver citrate - not more than 2%

How to add hydrogen peroxide to the pool?

Hydrogen peroxide is heavier than water, so pouring peroxide into pool water should be extremely cautious, since there may be splashes from the surface of the water. Peroxide is a very strong oxidant, getting on the skin can cause burns and whitening of the skin, so do not be lazy, wear rubber gloves, and in case of contact with the skin, rinse immediately with water.

When to add peroxide to the pool?

There are two ways. Some of our customers add a full dose when the water starts to spoil, some when mucus on the pool walls forms, others when the water turns green. The second method requires experience, then when added in small doses, 1-2 liters, regularly, but this requires experience of use.

How long does hydrogen peroxide last?

Nobody will say for sure. It depends on the quality of the water, who swims and how many times, on the temperature of the air, and also in the shade there is a pool or in the sun. From the experience of our clients, at least three weeks under adverse conditions. Some manage to add two times per season!

Can I add peroxide to the pond where the fish is? Yes you can.

Is it necessary to add additional chemistry for swimming pools (chlorine-containing components, etc.) when using hydrogen peroxide?

No need to add. Hydrogen peroxide is a self-contained disinfectant

How safe is it for children to bathe in the pool water disinfected with hydrogen peroxide?

Absolutely safe, hydrogen peroxide consists of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, in the basin it falls apart and turns into water. In fact, it is the most environmentally friendly product for water disinfection.